Дата: 11 сентября 2012

Обновили на всех сайтах Yii до 1.1.12

Обновление Yii как всегда просто, заменить старые файлы фреймворка новыми, скачав с официального сайта.

Что нового в Yii 1.1.12:

Version 1.1.12 August 19, 2012
- Bug #190: WSDL return tag was not generated by CWsdlGenerator when Macintosh line endings were used inside service describing docblock (resurtm)
- Bug #1066: CMemCache: expiration time higher than 60*60*24*30 (31536000) seconds led the value to expire right away after saving (resurtm)
- Bug #1072: Fixed the problem with getTableAlias() in defaultScope() (creocoder)
- Bug #1076: CJavaScript::encode() was not compatible with PHP 5.1 (samdark)
- Bug #1077: Fixed the problem with alias in CSort (creocoder)
- Bug #1083: CFileValidator is now unsafe by default. This will prevent setting attribute when no file was uploaded (samdark)
- Bug #1087: Reverted changes to CCookieCollection::add() introduced in 1.1.11 as they were triggering E_STRICT on some old PHP-versions (suralc)
- Bug #1088: Fixed usage of proper CActiveForm id property when it's supplied with htmlOptions (mdomba)
- Bug #1094: CGridView with enabled history used to clear page title in case sorting or paging performed (Opera and Firefox only) (resurtm)
- Bug #1109: Fixed "js:" encoding BC-break in CHtml::ajax() and related methods introduced in 1.1.11 (samdark)
- Bug #1120: Fixed duplicate events processing in CGridView when ENTER was pressed for filtering (mdomba)
- Bug #1192: CHttpCacheFilter failed to comply with RFC 2616, section 10.3.5 (DaSourcerer)
- Bug #1207: Fixed an issue in CHtml::resolveValue() which occurs when handling tabular data input (Qiang)
- Bug #1225: Fixed the bug that $.fn.yiiGridView.getChecked was not working always if a custom CGridView::template was used (mdomba)
- Bug #1243: Fixed the bug that when using CUrlManager::addRules with $append=false rules were added in reverse order (samdark)
- Enh #243: CWebService is now able to deal with the customized WSDL generator classes, was hardcoded to the CWsdlGenerator before, added CWebService::$generatorConfig property (resurtm)
- Enh #636: CManyManyRelation now parses foreign key for the junction table data internally, and provide public interface to access it (klimov-paul)
- Enh #1163: CGridview does not create empty class attributes anymore (cebe)
- Chg #1099: Changed connectionId dropdown to sticky text field in Gii model generator (mdomba)
- Chg #1167: Reverted back the change to CComponent::evaluateExpression() about global function support (Qiang)

Куча из этого обычным человеком не используется, но полезно и правильно идти в ногу со временем. Ждём Yii 2.0 с нетерпением!

Из других новостей - небольшие изменения в дизайне сайта teamsense.ru, по рекомендациям web-дизайнера. Олег Голубев давно и много чего нам делает, добрая половина сайтов в портфолио прошла через его взгляд.